3 Great Alternatives to Traditional Office Cafeterias

Traditional office cafeterias can be ineffective spaces for employees to take breaks or refuel. Attended markets, micro markets, and coffee bars are alternatives that can deliver higher-quality options while using your budget more efficiently.

The Advantages Of Attended Markets

Attended markets offer the most popular cafeteria options while providing better quality at a lower cost. With an attended market, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Cheaper to run: while a traditional office cafeteria may need 8+ employees, an attended market can run smoothly with just a few attendants.
  • Better quality offerings: your staff can enjoy delicious hot or made-to-order options without ever having to leave the premises.
  • Variety of stations: add attended market stations such as soup kettles, panini presses, salad bowls, and other options your staff will love.
  • Flexible payment: people can use their phones, kiosks, or the attended register to schedule orders or enjoy them immediately.
  • 24/7 self-checkout: grab-and-go snacks, meals, and drinks are always available, even after your market attendant clocks out for the night.
  • Customized to your needs: choose how many attendants you want during active hours, accomplish catering, and much more!

Attended markets are best for larger companies who could have traditional office cafeterias but want higher-quality food, more flexibility, and a more efficient use of their budget.

How Micro Markets Can Transform Your Breakroom

Some offices are facing the challenge of lower in-office attendance due to more remote or flex workers, staffing changes, and other factors. If your business is not large enough to justify opening a full office cafeteria or implementing our attended market solution, a micro market may be a better fit to help you save costs without disrupting needs.

With a micro market, you won’t have any attendants to prepare hot or made-to-order meals and catering. However, your staff can still enjoy high quality, convenience, and variety with grab-and-go snacks, meals, and drinks available 24/7 through secure self-checkout. Learn more in our article about how micro markets will transform post-pandemic breakrooms.

Why Your Office Needs A Coffee Bar

A Prestige coffee bar makes it easy for you to fuel your team, build morale and a sense of community, and improve productivity, all directly in your business space.

  • Choose your fuel: instead of just hot or single-serve coffee, your team can enjoy hot coffee, espresso, cold brew, nitro cold brew, and even caffeinated or herbal teas.
  • Enjoy dairy and non-dairy options: if your employees want to add milks and creamers to their coffee, we can supply regular milk, oat milk, almond milk, and more.
  • Add flavor splashes: enhance your coffee’s flavor with flavor pumps, edible chocolate straws, and other fun flavor splashes.
  • Toppings and mix-ins: sugar in the raw, honey sticks, cinnamon, nuts… you want it, we can supply it.
  • Get all the coffee supplies you need: Prestige is your one-stop shop for wooden stir sticks, eco-friendly paper goods, and other coffee bar necessities.

Upgrading your office coffee services or adding a coffee bar to your attended or micro market can provide an extra boost of happiness and productivity to your team.

Talk to your Prestige experts today to set up an alternative to a traditional office cafeteria. Don’t miss this opportunity – even if you want to start smaller, we can customize your solution and grow with you as more employees return to work! Contact us anytime to start experiencing the benefits for yourself.