Meeting a Large Client’s Market Needs

Attended Market Case Study: Meeting a Large Client’s Market Needs

The Challenge

Our client owned a large facility with many employees. They had a staff cafeteria, but they were not experiencing the benefit they deserved:

  • Five staff members required on-site for both day shift and night shift
  • Inefficient service and payment system
  • Wanted more convenient & varied food and beverage options

Since they were satisfied with the other services we were providing them, they asked us to step in and elevate their experience.

The Solution

We streamlined our client’s services and offerings to provide as many options as they had before, but with better quality, more efficiency, and lower operational costs.

  • Two attendants during day shift; unattended during the night shift
  • Order-ahead pickup and on-site “scan, pay, and go” options
  • Pre-made choices available for scan-and-go customers
  • Wide variety of sandwiches, soups, entrees, salads, and more

In addition, the modern, high-tech vending machines we already had on-site ensured our client’s employees still had access to the same snack and drink options as before.

The Results

We were able to optimize our equipment on-site and provide our clients with a smooth install. There were no operational issues at all, and our client was so happy with the results that they signed a multi-year contract to continue receiving our high-quality service.

Partnering together enabled our client to provide their employees with a more efficient, inviting space to take breaks, enjoy meals, and refuel during the workday.