Micro Markets




Fully Customized Breakroom

Learn how a Micro Market customized for your break room can benefit your team.

More than just coffee

Energize your team with the premium hot beverages they enjoy at their favorite coffee shop without having to leave the facility. We serve the freshest coffee using the latest brewing technology to ensure your break-room matches your company culture. Compliment your coffee offerings with cold drinks and snacks to keep the team fueled throughout the day.

Coffee Bar
Vending Machine Technology

A New Vending Experience

Forget the days of jammed columns, lost money and expired junk food. Prestige Services’ vending machines are the newest models with numerous payment options including cash, credit, NFC. Jam free sensors guarantee product delivery. Machines are monitored remotely for alerts on low inventory and machine malfunctions. We use the best technology available for merchandising the vending machines with products your team enjoys eating. Don’t settle for anything less from your vending machine service.

Prestige Services Inc, has been a vending, refreshment and dining services provider in New York since 1996. We understand that coffee and refreshments are a critical component for a world-class working environment conducive for the success of a happy workforce. Prestige  Services Inc. helps your staff focus on getting the job done.

Healthy Vending Products


At Prestige Services, we offer the top brands that your team wants. Our food is made with the best ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are guaranteed fresh. Every snack and refreshment is handled with care and merchandised using the latest technology available in automated retail.