Boost morale and productivity with a welcoming space where employees can stop by and refuel without having to leave the office.

Enjoy the productive power of having meals, snacks, and beverages available on-location. Let us help you create a beautiful, totally customizable space for your team to work together, stay together, and enjoy better relationships with you and each other. 

Prestige Services offers smooth and efficient setup, product selection, and the highest possible quality in service, equipment, and more.

Good For Organizations That Want To:

  • Replace traditional office cafeterias with a better-quality and more cost-efficient alternative
  • Expand traditional vending selections or explore on-site food service for the first time
  • Increase employee productivity and morale
  • Encourage more employees to come and stay on-site
  • Support employee health goals

Micro Markets

Transform your breakroom with a custom micro market stocked full of everything your employees need.

Provide high quality, convenience, and variety with grab-and-go snacks, meals, and drinks available to your staff 24/7.

Micro markets are great for businesses that aren’t large enough to justify a full office cafeteria or want to save costs while still enjoying the benefits of offering food and beverages on-site.

  • Traditional office spaces
  • Manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Higher education institutions
  • Research facilities
  • Healthcare and hospital buildings

Custom Layouts and Inventory

Create an appealing space with sleek, modern technology, custom branding, imagery, lighting, and more. Curate your inventory based on popular or seasonal items your employees love.

Expansive Breakroom Offerings

Choose from favorite name brands, new products and varieties, and healthy choices or options for special dietary needs. We’ll help you fuel your grind however you want it.

Secure & Convenient Checkout

Enjoy flexible staffing or contactless self-checkout options to maximize the efficiency of the transaction process. Customers can use cash, debit, credit, or other payment options.

Attended Markets

Customize an attended market solution that fits your unique needs. We’ll work with you to assess your available space and preferred technology package to take your office café to the next level.

Attended markets are great for larger companies who could have traditional office cafeterias, but want better-quality food and beverage options, more flexible staffing options and a more modern, efficient setting.

High Quality & Wide Variety

Enjoy our expansive selection of high-quality food and beverage options stocked daily, including a made-to-order deli station, panini grill, two-soup kettle, cold brew kegerator, coolers, snack shelves, and more.

Flexible Staffing & Scheduling

Schedule daily on-site attendants during peak hours while providing 24/7 convenience to your staff with self-service checkout using our modern touchscreen technology.

Secure Technology & Transactions 

Check out with ease using cash, credit card, contactless, or mobile order-ahead pickup with tracking. Both attended and self-service options use secure technology to guarantee a confidential and encrypted transaction process.

Healthy Food Options

Get ahead of the curve in wellness program innovation and enable your team to make health choices on-site.

Our team will work with you to ensure the product mix in your market reflects what is most important to your organization and associates.

Enjoy a wide selection of better-for-you options as well as the latest “must-haves.” Diet-friendly products are available for individuals with specific dietary needs or preferences.

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