3 Characteristics of Spaces That Are Perfect for a Mini Market

Mini markets are fantastic additions to companies of any size. Larger organizations can use mini markets to complement their cafeterias, micro markets, or attended markets. If these options are out of budget or impractical for smaller offices, mini markets offer a great alternative.

A mini market is also convenient and compact enough to fit in almost any room or area. So, where should you put your mini market? Here are three characteristics of spaces that would be perfect for your new mini market.

Provides access to an electrical outlet to power your mini market

Your mini market requires electricity to power the advanced technology that makes Prestige mini markets more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly, including:

  • Modern lighting to display all your food and drink options clearly
  • Phone scanning technology for secure and easy payments
  • Storage and distribution solutions that move away from the ugly coils of traditional vending machines, allowing for more customizable products
  • Merchandising wizard technology to track consumption and spoilage for better inventory curation

Your space must provide access to an electrical outlet for your mini market.

Contains enough room for your team to reach your mini market

Your Prestige mini market is only 78 inches wide and 32 inches deep. This compact size makes it convenient to add to almost any room while still being large enough to store enough food and drink for your team. Whether you’re adding one mini market or multiple, make sure you measure the area where you want to set up your mini market to ensure there’s enough space.

Since the whole point of the mini market is to help your employees fuel up and recharge, you will want to make sure there is enough space for them to reach your mini market easily and get what they want.

Welcomes people to stop by and refuel at your mini market

The aesthetic appeal of Prestige mini markets already makes them welcoming. The sleek, modern design, advanced technology, and many options will draw people in and make it easy for them to find what they want.

Your mini market may be more welcoming and successful if your space either:

  • Includes seats or tables so your team can relax and enjoy their food and drink, OR
  • Is close enough to high-traffic areas so people can stop by at their convenience.

The standard Prestige mini market layout is designed to be convenient, appealing, and accommodating for your team’s consumption habits. However, you can further customize your experience with things like custom builds, specific food and drink options, or lower price points for healthier items to encourage healthy habits.

Interested in adding a mini market to your office space? Curious about the other ways Prestige can enhance your breakroom and benefit your organization? Talk to your Prestige Services experts today.