Keep your staff hydrated and refreshed. Choose from office water services that provide clean, fresh drinking water any way you want it.

Having clean water available at work is crucial for health, productivity, and much more. With Prestige office water services, your employees don’t have to settle for plain, tap water or venture out of the office for refreshments.

Whether you want filtered water solutions, flavored & sparkling water options, or bottled water delivery, you’ll always have a better way to hydrate with Prestige Services.

Cost Efficient

Get cost-effective bottled water delivery or eliminate delivery, bottle, and deposit fees with a plumbed water solution.


Explore office water options that will help you reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a greener planet.

Fast Setup & Maintenance

Enjoy thorough, efficient setup and service with high-quality products and equipment to keep your office hydrated all the time

Filtered Water Solutions

Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Filtration

A POU water filter is the most cost-effective way to get clean filtered water for everyone in the office. This eco-friendly service is incredibly simple and easy to maintain.

Our technicians will tap into your water line, install a POU filter on the faucet, and replace the filters as needed. Now, everyone in the office will have clean, filtered water on tap!

Bottleless Water Dispensers

Provide a bottleless water dispenser so your staff can enjoy hot, cold, and even room temperature water on demand. All water is filtered through a POU filter for higher quality and better taste.

Enjoy high-quality machines with sleek, stylish designs to match your modern office. We’ll take care of maintenance and repairs so you can focus on getting the job done.

Flavored & Sparkling Water

Add some sparkle to your office water with high-quality Bevi machines. Choose from still or sparkling filtered water and customize your drink with flavors and enhancements that will make every sip your new favorite.

Ditch the bottles and cans to reduce your carbon footprint, all while saving on what you’d pay for canned and bottled water.

Standup & Countertop Options

Get a countertop Bevi dispenser for compact fun and hydration. Upgrade to a standup hydration station to personalize every sip, from temperature to carbonation level and more.

Flavors & Enhancements

Mix and match Bevi flavors and enhancements crafted with the highest-quality ingredients available. Choose from over a dozen zero- or low-calorie, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Touchscreen & Touchless Dispensing

Bevi machines provide sleek, modern touchscreens and the option to turn on touchless dispensing via a QR code — no app required!

Bottled Water Delivery

Get fresh drinking water delivered to your office whenever you need it with Diamond Springs Water, a Prestige Services partner.

Choose from one- and three-gallon spring water or one- and five-gallon distilled water to meet your needs. Our high-quality and stylish bottled water coolers provide hot and cold water on demand. You can use the high-capacity dispensing areas to fill reusable containers, or let us provide eco-friendly paper and plastic cups to help reduce your carbon footprint.

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