How Much Is an Office Water Cooler Service & How Does It Work?

How Much Is an Office Water Cooler Service & How Does It Work?

Providing clean and refreshing water to employees is essential to maintain their productivity and health. An office water cooler service is a convenient and cost-effective way of ensuring that your employees have access to fresh drinking water. Here, we will discuss what an office water cooler service entails, why it’s better than ordering bottled water, what type of water options you can provide, the cost benefits, and how to be eco-friendly with water services.

What Makes Up An Office Water Cooler Service?

An office water cooler service typically includes a water cooler that dispenses hot, cold, or room temperature water and is routinely cleaned and descaled. The service provider is responsible for restocking cups, changing filters biannually, and ensuring that there is always enough water available for consumption.

Customers do not need to call to restock water since the service provider monitors usage and delivers water automatically. This means there are fewer requirements for onsite staff to manage the water service, making it a hassle-free solution for office hydration needs.

Why Is Having A Service Better Than Just Ordering Crates Of Bottled Water?

Ordering bottled water requires an onsite employee to manage the water service, which can be time-consuming and requires storage space for the bottles. A water cooler service eliminates these problems, as there is no need for an onsite employee to manage the delivery or restocking of water. Additionally, a water cooler takes up minimal space in your office or breakroom, and there are no bulky bottles to store or dispose of. Employees can simply dispense water as needed without worrying about heavy bottles or running out of water.

What Type Of Water Options Can Be Provided?

An office water cooler service can provide various types of water options to cater to different preferences. The most common types of water options provided are:

  • Cold water – Cold water is a popular option for many offices, especially during hot weather. The water is chilled to a refreshing temperature and can be dispensed at any time.
  • Hot water – Hot water is another option provided by office water cooler services. This option is great for making tea, coffee, or instant soup. The hot water is heated to a temperature that is safe for consumption.
  • Room temperature water – Room temperature water is an option that falls between cold and hot water. This option is ideal for those who do not want their water too cold or too hot.

Having a Tri-Temp option ensures that employees can enjoy their preferred temperature of the water, whether it be for a cold refreshment or a hot cup of tea. Some office water cooler services may also offer additional features, such as sparkling water or flavored water. These options may come at an additional cost or may only be available with certain water coolers. It is always best to check with the service provider to determine what types of water options are available.

What Are The Cost Benefits Of This Service Vs. Purchasing Crates Of Bottled Water?

The cost benefits of an office water cooler service vs. purchasing bottled water are significant. A plumbed water cooler eliminates delivery fees, bottle fees, and deposit fees, resulting in substantial savings for the company. The service provider delivers and installs the water cooler and filters and takes care of any maintenance or repairs, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Is There A Way To Be Eco-friendly With Water Services?

In recent years, eco-friendliness has become a significant consideration for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. A water cooler service can be eco-friendly by ensuring that the coolers are designed with a high-capacity dispensing area to fit a reusable container. If cups are required, service providers can offer eco-friendly paper and plastic cups. By reducing the need for bottled water, businesses can significantly decrease their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

Get Your Office Water Solution Today With Prestige Services

Office water cooler service is a cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly solution for ensuring that employees have access to fresh drinking water. By eliminating the need for onsite management and bottled water, a water cooler service can help reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. With the added benefit of providing hot, cold, or room temperature water, a water cooler service is an essential component of any workplace.

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