Simplifying and Improving Office Coffee

Cold Brew Case Study: Simplifying and Improving Office Coffee

The Challenge

Our pantry customer was dissatisfied with their coffee provider and wanted a better, more appealing coffee option for their employee demographic. Their needs included:

  • Adding cold brew option for the warm weather and their early-30s employee base
  • Striking the right balance between hot coffee and cold brew
  • Better-tasting coffee their employees would actually enjoy
  • Being more environmentally friendly than their K-cup situation

Instead of coordinating with multiple providers, various inventory levels, and different delivery schedules, we helped simplify their service by meeting all their needs directly.

The Solution

We provided our client with better, more sustainable coffee and cold brew kegerators so their team could enjoy barista-quality brews right in their office. It was essential to establish the right balance between hot coffee and cold brew during this transition to prevent any gap in their office coffee services. Our cold brew solution met all their needs and more.

The Results

Our client offers coffee services as an employee perk to support satisfaction and productivity, so they judged their success based on increased consumption. Soon after installing the cold brew option, the uptake was so significant we had to increase their kegerator capacity.

Thanks to our efficient setup and attentive service, our client quickly enjoyed better service, higher quality, and improved employee morale and work efficiency.