How Micro Markets Will Transform The Office Breakrooms

Working during the pandemic has left many people seeking a more refreshing office experience. Prestige Services is here to help you meet your workers’ needs and redefine your breakroom with a new, inviting space.

Grab the opportunity to transform your breakroom with a custom micro market.

Secure self-checkout & sleek machinery

The pandemic has made self-checkout and contactless payment part of daily life. A micro market uses the latest and greatest technology to bring this smooth experience into your office.

  • Modern, aesthetic machines to match your office space
  • Secure payment options, including cash, card, and contactless
  • Camera-monitored transactions – no attendants required

At Prestige Services, we invest in the best equipment available so that we can always provide you with sleek, top-tier machines that look great and work even better.

Convenient options in the office

You’ve probably come to recognize the productive power of having meals, snacks, & beverages on-location instead of going out during the workday. Bring that convenience to your employees with a micro market stocked full of everything they need.

  • Wide variety of popular products – not limited to a specific brand
  • Better-for-you alternatives through exclusive Prestige Healthy Choices program
  • Fresh food and meal options available

Support employee wellness goals, encourage productivity and in-office attendance, and boost office morale by providing fuel for your team’s workday all in one easy place.

Exceed expectations with a better breakroom

Whether you’re still making the transition back to the office or you’ve already got people coming in, an updated, upgraded breakroom is a no-brainer. Offer a great place for your team to work together, stay together, and enjoy better relationships with you and each other.

Engaging with your employees and providing an inviting space to work and refuel is becoming more necessary than ever. We’re here to help you make that happen.

Partner with Prestige for smooth and efficient setup, product selection, and the highest possible quality in service, equipment, and more. Start a conversation with us anytime about a custom solution to meet all your needs.