Office Micro Markets Are the New Normal

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The days of vending machines and cafeterias at work are over. When employees need a snack or pick-me-up, they want something quick, easy, and convenient.

Micro markets fulfill all employee needs while also benefiting the company. They are more cost-effective than other options and more appealing to a broader consumer base, so the choice is a no-brainer.

The Advantages of Micro Markets Over Vending Machines

Vending machines seem convenient, but they are extremely limiting.

The average vending machine only has 24 different rows for snack varieties, and often, the same snack takes up multiple slots. That means you’re offering your employees around 15 to 20 options for snacks and drinks, which is by no means robust.

When selecting items for your vending machines, you probably base it on what you think people like or what seems popular among workers, but you could be leaving out someone entirely.

Are you accounting for vegan employees? Do you offer different brands of drinks? If you want to truly cater to all employees, you need a larger variety of snacks and beverages. Micro markets also make it easier to stock healthy and fresh options for people who want to eat well.

In addition to variety, vending machines are a grab-and-go situation, where a micro market can take on a colloquial break room vibe where coworkers can connect and communicate.

The Advantages of Micro Markets Over Attended Markets

Micro markets don’t need employees to be operational, which can save you substantial money on operating costs and staff salaries.

But if you appreciate the personal touch and comfort of an attended market, you can set up a hybrid micro market, where it’s attended sometimes and self-serve other times.

This means if someone calls in sick or can’t make it to their shift, it’s no problem! With micro markets, you can create a higher-touch service with friendly market attendants without relying on staff to keep the market open. It’s the best of both worlds!

Why Are Micro Markets a More Cost-Effective Solution?

The number one way micro markets are more cost-effective is the reduced labor cost, which you can control.

The market can be open for 24 hours but only attended for 6. Or maybe even just one hour in the morning and one hour at lunchtime.

In addition to the reduced labor costs, micro markets with refrigeration and other appliances make it easier to stock higher-quality products, so you can charge more and receive a higher return on investment.

Also, the broader selection of snacks and drinks means more people will make purchases, so you can turn a decent profit.

Even if you don’t charge your employees for the food and drinks, higher employee satisfaction can boost productivity and profits.

Specific Trends for Micro Markets for 2023

So, what’s happening with micro markets? Are they the next big thing? Many statistics concerning consumer eating and employee habits suggest that micro markets are a brilliant solution to many common problems. Check out three top trends for micro markets in 2023.

Micro market growth is expected to accelerate as more traditional workplaces reopen following pandemic shutdowns.

It seems that the hybrid work model is here to stay, where people work partially from home and partially from the office. Over 75% of workers have said they plan to maintain a hybrid work model, even when their offices reopen.

Most companies want to encourage workers to come into the office to boost company morale, foster worker connections, and monitor employees traditionally. Amenities like micro markets can be an enticing way to draw employees back to offices.

Consumers’ preference for self-service and self-checkout is stronger than ever.

With the shift toward self-service, more traditional cafeterias will be a thing of the past soon, and micro markets will take their place. In this fast-paced world that never stops spinning, people want things quickly and conveniently. Attended markets can be more time-consuming.

A customer may have to wait if the attendant is in the back stocking or has to help another customer. Self-checkout and self-service are becoming the new norm, and micro markets fit this trend perfectly.

Consumers want healthier and fresher options for snacks as people become more health conscious.

Micro markets offer more fresh and prepared food options, which can cater to more people, especially vegetarians and vegans. But many consumers want to be healthier and make better eating choices.

As mentioned, vending machines are not conducive to healthy eating, and micro markets are the perfect solution that is equally convenient but much higher quality.

What Makes Up Micro-Markets?

What makes a micro market a micro market? These convenient markets feature refrigerated cases for fresh foods, like salads, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and sandwiches, which offer more nutrients and energy than vending machine snacks like gummy bears or potato chips.

These markets also have refrigerated beverages, ranging from water to soda to specialty coffee to kombucha! Even cooler, literally, than the refrigerated cases are freezer cases where you can stock ice cream, frozen meals, and chilled snacks. And people can still find traditional snacks on the shelves at micro markets, like energy bars, chips, crackers, and candy.

It’s easy to turn a micro market into a cozy break room with chairs, couches, and small tables, making it a place for workers to rejuvenate and connect. And our micro markets are equipped with handy self-checkout services that accept most payment options, including Apple Pay, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

Join the Micro Market Movement

Prestige provides state-of-the-art micro markets with hundreds of food and drink options in attractive, customizable cases. Whatever items you want in your micro market, we’ll deliver and restock them regularly!

To learn more about how to set up and stock a micro market, talk to your Prestige Services expert today!