How Does a Commercial Water Delivery Service Work?

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A commercial water delivery service is an excellent way to hydrate your staff and create a healthy workplace. Getting started with business water delivery services is easier than you might think. Learn how commercial delivery services work, their setup options, and why every workplace needs refreshing water!

Understanding Business Water Delivery Services

Commercial water delivery services can make workplaces run more smoothly and keep employees hydrated and happy. Getting set up with Prestige water delivery services is a breeze.

1. Browse Services and Make a Selection

The first step to implementing a water delivery service is deciding what kind of water delivery you want.

Do your employees love sparkling water? How about flavored water? Are you a fan of filtered water? Is your company committed to environmentally conscious workspaces?

We recommend surveying employee preferences and considering company values. Once you make a selection, we can get the ball rolling.

2. Decide How Much Water

Once you know what kind of water delivery service suits your needs, you must determine the appropriate amount of water. A small team may only need a few gallons per month, while large teams may need over 100 gallons monthly.

Consider whether you need drinking water for your customers. Offices, warehouses, and other facilities with frequent customer visits and meetings may want to provide fresh drinking water in the waiting area. Make sure you account for this when finalizing an amount.

3. Schedule Deliveries

The amount of water you plan to order will influence your water delivery schedule. Restrictions on order sizes and delivery frequency may exist, and we’d be happy to discuss those with you. Monthly deliveries are popular, but you can explore other options to find one that best fits your workplace needs.

4. Equipment Setup

Sound like a hassle? Don’t worry! We’ll take care of this step and make it as effortless as possible for you. The Prestige team will install any equipment you need. Depending on what water delivery option you select, you may not need any equipment at all.

In most cases, businesses designate a space for water delivery, whether they receive bottled water by the gallon or use a robust dispenser. These usually fit best near other beverage and food appliances, such as the shared fridge and coffeemaker.

5. Plan for Maintenance

Once we set up all your equipment and your delivery schedule begins, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy clean fresh water. Our water dispensers and equipment are wonderfully easy to maintain.

However, we’ll take care of your routine maintenance and necessary repairs! Keep an eye on the equipment so you can let us know if it needs any attention.

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Prestige Commercial Water Delivery Options

Choose a business water delivery service and setup that perfectly suits your work environment. Not every workplace has the same needs, but every workplace needs water! Here are some fantastic commercial water delivery services to consider.

Point-of-Use (POU) Water Filtration

The POU water filtration system efficiently delivers high-quality water for your staff. These devices are installed on your faucets, usually in the breakrooms or bathrooms. Technicians routinely replace the filters.

These top-notch filters offer clean, refreshing water straight from the tap. This delivery service is cost-effective, space-saving, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and excellent for medium to large offices, warehouses, and other facilities.

Bottleless Water Dispensers

This is a brilliant solution if you have a workplace full of folks who use refillable water bottles. Bottleless water dispensers are compact machines designed to refill reusable water bottles. These dispensers feature POU filters to ensure every sip is delicious and clean.

Employees can easily access water that’s cold, room temperature, or hot. This simple solution is eco-friendly, affordable, and perfect for small workplaces.

Bevi Dispensers

Treat your staff to the high-end Bevi machines that bring flavor and sparkle to their water. These dispensers are highly customizable, so employees can select whatever water fits their mood, from sparkling to still to flavored and more.

Bevi machines come in standup and countertop designs, catering to your space needs. They have touchscreen and touchless dispensing styles, offering a modern feel and easy-to-use design. Touchless options can also help employees stay healthy by stopping the spread of germs.

The best part of Bevi machines is the endless water options. There are so many flavors, carbonation levels, and temperatures to choose from, as well as more than a dozen zero- or low-calorie, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water delivery is a classic solution for workplace hydration. Our sleek bottled water dispensers fit seamlessly into breakroom spaces. You can conveniently place these in central areas so everyone can access tasty water during the day.

We have lots of sizes and water options for these dispensers, including one-gallon spring water, three-gallon spring water, one-gallon distilled water, and five-gallon distilled water bottles. We partner with Diamond Springs Water to deliver the best quality water to our bottled water customers. Workers can refill reusable bottles or use disposable cups to enjoy the bottled water.

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The Benefits of a Commercial Water Delivery Service

Business water delivery services have more benefits than many people realize. While water may seem like a simple thing, it can have a huge impact on your team’s health and morale.

Healthy and Hydrated Employees: The number one reason to use a delivery service is to keep your employees hydrated and healthy. Hydration can boost immunity — preventing illnesses — and can even improve mood for a more positive work environment.

Better Taste: Many regions don’t have the best-tasting tap water. And if the water doesn’t taste great, people are less likely to stay hydrated. Tasty water helps people stay hydrated and satisfied.

Increased Productivity: When workers can access delicious water inside the work facility, they don’t have to venture elsewhere to get it. This means they spend more time working and less time getting water. Well-hydrated employees are also more likely to be focused and engaged.

Exciting Water Options: Even people who find water boring will be excited about our many flavor and carbonation offerings. These delicious and dazzling options can also encourage hydration in those who may not enjoy plain water.

Eco-Friendly: Many business water delivery services offer environmentally friendly options. Tap filters, Bevi dispensers, and bottle-less dispensers substantially reduce plastic waste in your workplace. Even large bottled water dispensers can cut down on disposable bottle use.

Water has a sensational impact on work environments. Employees who have access to delicious water feel valued and cared for.

Workplace Wellness Starts With Water

Water is more than just a beverage — it’s an essential ingredient for life.

Show your employees you care about their wellness and create a healthier team, all with fresh water. The convenience of our water delivery services and the benefits of clean water make this a no-brainer for any office, warehouse, or work facility.

Contact us to set up your commercial water delivery service and get your employees hydrated as soon as possible! Chat with one of our team members at 518-351-7381!