Benefits of Healthy Vending Machines in the Workplace

Vending machines full of healthy snacks and drinks can be highly beneficial to offices. If you’re on the fence about installing a vending machine in your office, consider the substantial benefits below and how adding convenient, healthy snacks and drinks can create a more positive and productive atmosphere at the office.

Increases Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is essential for a successful office. But when employees don’t eat all day or snack on unhealthy, energy-draining food, they won’t be able to get as much work done. A lack of nutrition can lessen someone’s focus and energy, making it more difficult to complete tasks and submit quality work. Brain fog can be a persistent problem for people with unbalanced diets, especially those who work in offices and have to spend substantial time in front of a computer or managing paperwork.

When employees struggle to stay focused and on-task, the entire office can suffer, and the workflow may lag. Whether your employees don’t have time to make breakfast at home or they simply start to feel tired toward the end of the day, convenient, healthy food and drink options make it easier for them to stay fueled and focused throughout the day. In contrast, a vending machine filled with unhealthy choices, such as candy, potato chips, and cookies, can lead to sluggish employees who feel tired earlier in the day and lose focus easily.

A sugary snack may energize an employee for 30 minutes, but it’s not sustainable. The simple addition of healthy snack options can lead to more energized and attentive employees and a more productive office.

Convenient Access to Healthy Options

The vitamins and nutrients in healthy foods can increase employee productivity by helping workers stay energized and focused, and it can also limit the time your employees are out of the office. Many office workers leave the office premises to get a healthy lunch or drink.

Say your office gives one-hour lunch breaks. It likely takes an employee 20 to 30 minutes to leave the office, venture somewhere to get food, wait in line, wait for their food, return to the office, and get comfortable. This means they only get about half an hour to relax and rejuvenate before heading back to work.

Convenient access to healthy vending machines means employees can spend almost the entire hour of their break relaxing, eating, and refreshing themselves for the rest of the workday.

It also gives workers more flexibility for breaks, as they can quickly grab a snack or drink at the vending machine before or after their break, so they won’t feel so restricted to eating and drinking during their break time. No more working with an empty belly and counting down the minutes until their break.

Buying healthy lunches outside of the office every day can also be expensive. Many office workers spend at least $10 a day on a healthy lunch, and the number only grows with inflation. You can help workers save money by offering these affordable, healthy snacks inside the office.

Happier and Healthier Employees

Healthy employees are happy employees. Healthy food can improve focus and memory, but it can also improve your mood! A balanced diet can help people manage stress and depression, which are common problems among office workers. When employees are in good spirits, it makes completing quality work easier.

Healthy vending machines can also improve office morale and camaraderie in numerous ways. Everyone appreciates working in an office full of healthy, happy employees. When employees can purchase food without leaving the building, they’re more likely to eat in the breakroom, where they can connect with their coworkers and build relationships. A team that gets along and understands one another will be more productive and communicative.

In addition, employees who enjoy a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients are less likely to get sick, so they’ll end up taking fewer sick days. Nutritional foods boost your immune system, allowing you to fight off germs and illnesses, leading to a healthier, more productive office.

Promotes Wellness in the Workplace

While you may not be running a fitness company, your office can greatly benefit from a mentality geared toward wellness. A company that promotes wellness shows that it cares about its employees’ health and comfort, which leads to a more positive office atmosphere.

A health-conscious office is often more productive and happy, which can also attract new talent. Prospective employees will see that this is a wonderful and welcoming place to work. If a potential employee tours the office and sees sluggish, cranky workers, they’ll be less likely to accept a job. Plus, happy employees will also speak positively about the company, which may lead to top talent seeking out a position at the business.

When you make it easier for your employees to make healthy choices, it creates an optimistic atmosphere that benefits everyone.

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