Micro Markets & Micro Market Vending

Customizable, convenient on-site micro markets and food services for your employees.

Why Switch to Micro Markets & Vending?

Welcome to the breakroom of the future

Micro markets are a secure, on-site, self-checkout marketplaces that go above and beyond. These open market vending options offer your team an inviting space to refresh and relax. Unlike expensive cafeterias or unhealthy vending machines, micro market vending offers an array of corporate snacks, drinks, and even fresh foods. As companies begin to return to the office, micro markets are the perfect addition to any workplace environment. Motivate your staff as they return to the office, keep breaks efficient, and turn a profit with this state-of-the-art office staple.

Great Products, Healthy Choices

Enabling your team to make healthy choices on-site is something we care about. We offer a wide selection of better-for-you options as well as the latest “must-haves”. For those individuals needing diet-friendly products, those are available for purchase. Fully stocked micro markets support your team’s health and offer items they love. We’ll help you fuel your grind however you want it.

Flexible Staffing or Contactless Options

Our sleek micro markets offer camera-monitored self-checkout food kiosks for fast and easy purchases. With this option, no staff is required making these micro markets fully self-sustaining. The option is always there if you prefer to have attendants. We can help you maximize the transaction process with flexible staffing.

Secure Technology & Transactions

Have peace of mind knowing that our micro market food kiosks use secure credit and debit card processing, as well as other payment options. Convenience is key and we strive to provide you with a streamlined, easy process every time. Your micro market uses a dedicated Internet connection and backup system for tracking and reports.

Dynamic Scheduling & Reporting

Our prompt and reliable software tracks your sales transactions to tell us when your machines are due for a service. Likewise, we are able to curate your inventory refill exactly when you need it. Our smart micro markets allow you to access data, reports, transactions, and check on your commission!

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Interested in upgrading your office space with better coffee, refreshments, and more? We can get you ready to go in just a few days. Let’s refresh your staff and help them focus on getting the job done.

The selections in our micro market have transformed our break-room from a last resort for snacks to a destination for meals!

– Frank Siragusa

Interested in the Micro Market boost To team morale and productivity?

We can help you set up your new micro market in just 4 days. Let’s redefine your break room.