The Benefits of a Premium Refreshment Service for Your Office

The Benefits Of A Premium Refreshment Service For Your Office

An office space transforms from drab to engaging when perks are added. What are some perks? Think a pool table, big screen TV, or delicious coffee options and snacks — all of which are fun additions that make going into the office more exciting. Another awesome perk is a premium refreshment service that keeps the food and beverages flowing.

However, stocking and maintaining a food service area in an office can sound like a lot of extra work. You have to find a dedicated space, decide what items are going to be offered, order the items, and then keep the shelves stocked. If the items are not complimentary, that means that there needs to be a checkout system in place as well. This can easily become a time-consuming project that loses its appeal quickly. A premium refreshment service like those offered by Prestige Services, solves all these problems and more.

What Is A Premium Refreshment Service?

As mentioned, office place perks make going to work fun and engaging. Because many workers are choosing to have more flexible schedules, office culture is transitioning, becoming more of a multifunctional space. Having a designated area for refreshments with a variety of options makes it so workers spend more time in the office and less time outside of it.

A premium refreshment service provides the design, variety of items, and restocking maintenance, so all a company has to provide is the space. The layout is eye-catching, and items are easily accessible. A shelving system or vending system is just a display. Also, a cashless checkout system enables card transactions, and cash isn’t required.

What Options Come With A Premium Refreshment Service?

The service comes complete with beverages like water, soda, juice, coffee, and tea. All of the traditional add-ons like sugar and creamer are available, too. Cups, stirrers, and other paper goods are provided. You do not need an in-house coffee maker because one can be provided with multiple different size options.

The five-ounce hot or cold brew is good for the “right before the meeting” jolt. Then there is the 20-ounce option, which is perfect for a project that will take hours to complete. Snacks include potato and whole-grain chips, cookies, granola bars, and other treats. There are also fresh food options available for those that are more health conscious.

Depending on the time of day, there are options available. A premium service offers breakfast items to have with coffee or tea. Quick snacks to munch on throughout your day. Available lunch options ensure employees don’t have to leave the building. Of course, the most important item is water to keep everyone hydrated.

What Are The Benefits Of A Premium Refreshment Service?

Having a premium refreshment service helps to increase employee productivity. Instead of heading out of the office to satisfy a food craving, workers can walk to the refreshment area and get back to work. During the small break, they have more interactions with other workers. These impromptu conversations serve as mini-meetings and help foster a collaborative work environment.

Having options for food in-house helps keep the cost of food down for workers. Instead of heading to the bistro every day and factoring in a tip, eating reasonably priced food in the office can help keep money in your pocket. Another benefit is getting up every so often to get a snack is a good way to promote circulation and flexibility. These types of breaks reduce the burnout rate.

What Is This Type Of Service Worth?

Having amenities offered from a premium refreshment service increases happiness and productivity and boosts morale. Some companies use the service in a creative way. They purchase additional services and use them to show appreciation to the workforce. This could be done on a monthly basis. Choosing this as an option makes the planning process a lot easier. Essentially, having a premium refreshment service is priceless.

Having this kind of service take over the refreshment department in your office is a smart move for many reasons. If you are interested but aren’t sure how to get started or if you have any questions about bundling services. Contact us so we can help you determine what premium refreshment service is best for your organization.