The Best Small Office Coffee Machines for Your Business

small office employees next to coffee machine

With our selection of small office coffee machines, you can enhance your office and make every day a bit better for your dedicated workers. Finding the best coffee machines for small offices is an integral first step in elevating your work environment, improving morale, productivity, and employee satisfaction without taking up too much space.

Do You Need an Office Coffee Machine?

You may be on the fence about adding a coffee machine to your office for a few reasons. Maybe you’re worried about cluttering the space or the cost of keeping the machine stocked. Or maybe it simply doesn’t seem necessary.

We understand that a small coffee machine may seem like no big deal, but this addition can make the workspace more inviting and stimulating. If you have an office with several employees who enjoy coffee daily, or maybe hourly, it’s time to reward their hard work with a convenient coffee machine.

Benefits of an Office Coffee Machine

Smaller teams and workspaces can benefit substantially from morale-boosting amenities like small office coffee machines. Below are a few of the top ways coffee machines can make your office a better place for everyone.

Productivity Boost

It’s no secret that caffeinated beverages can make people more focused and productive. Sluggish and sleepy workers can’t get as much done as energized employees.

Coffee is an effective solution if you want to create a more enthusiastic and awake atmosphere in your office. From cold brew to hot drip, offering coffee options to your employees will result in more productive days, making your business more successful.

Happy Employees

While caffeinated employees are more productive, satisfied workers can be more motivated. Everyone wants to work for a company that cares about them, and a professional coffee machine is an easy way to show your employees that you want to make them happy.

An office full of java connoisseurs will be appreciative and excited about having an office coffee machine, strengthening their gratitude for the business and boosting morale.

Convenience and Punctuality

A small office coffee machine is more convenient for employees than running to the coffee shop next door or brewing it themselves. Brewing coffee at home or waiting in line at a coffee shop in the morning is inconvenient and time-consuming and can lead to late arrivals.

Employees may actually arrive early to get their delicious coffee as soon as possible. It also means employees don’t have to leave the office for their afternoon cup of caffeine!

How To Choose Your Office Coffee Machine

A coffee machine for small offices should be somewhat compact to save space and avoid clutter. Look for machines that will suit your available space as well as cater to the number of employees in the office. Aside from space logistics, think about the best machine for your staff.

When considering the best coffee machines for small offices, we recommend surveying your employees to find out what they want. If everyone in the office is obsessed with cold brew, look into how to get office cold brew on tap. If most workers like fresh, hot coffee, get a bean-to-cup machine. Single-cup brewer machines are ideal for convenience and customization. Ask your employees what they want in a coffee machine.

Different Coffee Options for Your Small Office

The best coffee machines suit the needs of the workers and space. Learn more about the different types of machines to decide which is right for your business.

Cold Brew Tap

Cold brew is a hip coffee beverage that delivers a kick of caffeine and a smooth, rich taste. If you have limited counter space but ample cabinet storage, installing a cold brew kegerator in your office is brilliant. All you need is a nearby outlet, a low cabinet, and a small space for the taps. Ask your Prestige representative about the Segafredo NitroTap family of solutions, offering multiple tap sizes to fit your space and meet your specific needs.

cafection brand small office coffee machine

Bean-to-Cup Machines

A bean-to-cup coffee machine for large offices – 75+ employees – is a compact machine that grinds fresh coffee beans to brew a flavorful and potent cup of joe. These machines differ slightly from espresso machines but deliver similarly high-quality coffee for larger groups. High-end bean-to-cup machines often come with a steam wand for milk. Some may even craft lattes and other beverages for you!

Single-Cup Brewer Machines

aqua brewer brand small office coffee machine

Single-cup brewer machines are excellent for small offices where everyone has different tastes. The machines are straightforward to use, compact, and efficient. You can have a hot cup of coffee in seconds. And you can stock a wide range of pods with different coffee flavors to satisfy everyone. People can even bring their pods if they want. Keurig, Flavia, Newco CX Touch Pod Machine, AquaCafe Brewer are our most popular machines – your Prestige representative can assist with helping you find the machine that works best for your space.

Prestige Office Coffee Machines and Services

Make your small office a more delightful place for everyone with one of the best coffee machines available from Prestige. Your employees will be happier and more productive, and everyone can enjoy the warm aroma of fresh coffee in the air.

Upgrade your office now with one of our top-notch small office coffee machines! Contact us with any questions or requests by phone or email.