How To Get Office Cold Brew On Tap

Dear, sweet coffee. This morning elixir is a necessity in many people’s lives. There’s nothing quite like the smell of percolating coffee just as the sun peeks over the horizon. But in modern times, we don’t have to settle just for hot coffee. Cold brew has soared in popularity and is expected to grow by over 25% in the next three years!

If you’ve ever tried to make cold brew at home, you know it’s a lot of work, as it takes hours to brew, so there is no last-minute cup of cold brew. But with office cold brew on tap, you can change the pace of workers’ mornings and make it easier for them to perk up and be productive.

The benefits and allure of cold brew coffee for office environments are immense, from improved office morale to a close-knit workforce to enhance productivity. Keep reading for all the details on our brilliant cold brew machine for office environments and the many flavors, additions, and other fun stuff you can get.

Why Are Companies Interested in Getting Cold Brew on Tap in Their Office?

How does a company attract the best talent? By having great company culture. Cold brew on tap sends many positive messages to everyone looking in on the company.

Be a Company That Cares

    Many companies don’t consider all the extra effort and expenses for employees to come into an office, including the cost of gas money, the conscious action to dress professionally, and the time it takes to make coffee in the morning. Installing a tap with a nitro cold brew for office employees shows that the company cares about its employee’s comfort and satisfaction. Consumers want to know that companies treat their employees right, so office cold brew on tap can improve your brand reputation.

    Better Employee Loyalty

    When you create a positive and welcoming company culture, employees are more inclined to stay at the company and work hard. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued, and something small like a cold brew on tap for office workers can go a long way with employee morale.

    Boost Productivity

    The extra caffeine in cold brew reduces coffee breaks and boosts productivity, so employees get more work done and stay focused for longer. Where do your employees go for coffee breaks? Do they run downstairs to a vending machine? Do they go across the street to Starbucks? All these things take time away from work, but you can’t deny that sometimes you need a midday pick-me-up. With an in-office cold brew machine and office nitro cold brew readily available, workers only have to pause their tasks for a few minutes or maybe even a few seconds to get a delicious cup of coffee.

    Attract Top Talent

    If you show people that you care about your employees, it’s easier to attract top talent! People want to work in a positive environment where they feel valued. Installing office cold brew coffee taps are a top-notch way to entice the best workers in the industry to join your caffeinated team.

    Improve Company Morale

    Congregating around the office nitro cold new tap increases employee communication and camaraderie, creating a more positive office atmosphere. When people feel connected to their coworkers, they’ll be happier to come to work, and it also means that your team will be more in sync, creating a more productive office!

    With all these perks, it’s no wonder that both companies and co-working spaces are installing cold brew coffee taps in their working areas.

    What Equipment Does Your Office Need to Get Cold Brew on Tap?

    Prestige Services will set your office space up with high-quality, 5-gallon kegerators and, at a minimum, two taps. Feel free to use both for coffee or one for coffee and one for iced tea. The refrigerated kegs are replaced based on how much people are drinking, so there won’t ever be a coffee shortage incident. All you need is an available outlet; we’ll take care of the rest! We make it easy to add a cold brew tap for office workers.

    Are There Any Break Room Specifications Required to Get Cold Brew on Tap?

    Aside from the outlet, you need space for the kegerator. If you already have empty storage cabinets under the break room counters, then you’re set for cold brew on tap!

    What Are Our Office Cold Brew Offerings?

    Our local partner, Atomic Coffee Roasters, offers two cold brew options along with year-round flavored tea options. For cold brew, you can choose between:

    Cold Brew Coffee

    If you take advantage of our cold brew office delivery, you can have refreshing and rich cold brew on tap. Give your hardworking employees the best office cold brew around, so they can stay energized and satisfied.

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    At this point, nitro cold brew for offices is a must. Nitro cold brew has a sweeter and deeper flavor with a silky smooth texture that tickles your tongue. We promise an office nitro cold brew tap will be a sensational hit with your team.

    Tasty Teas

    For those tea lovers in the office, Atomic Coffee Roasters also offers iced tea in the following flavors:

    • Craft Ginger Peach Tea
    • Craft Mint Green Tea
    • Craft Classic Black Tea
    • Craft Wild Hibiscus

    Delicious Additions

    Finally, since we all take our coffee or tea with various accouterments, Prestige Services will stock your break room or beverage space with these add-ons:

    • Edible Chocolate Straws
    • Brown Sugar Packets
    • Cinnamon
    • Honey Sticks
    • Splenda
    • Truvia
    • Sugar
    • Single Serve Creamers
    • Whole/Skim Milk
    • Wrapped Stir Stick

    Here at Prestige Services, we want your employees to love coming to work and give their best every day. To learn more about how to order and set up your kegerator, talk to your Prestige Services expert today.