Healthy Vending Machines & Snacks

Support your team’s health with better-for-you, healthy vending machines and healthy vending options.

Why Upgrade to Healthy vending Machines?

Elevate the quality of options in your machines

Fuel your team by filling your vending machines with a wide variety of great-tasting, health-conscious, fresh options. Let us bring you the latest in healthy vending technology and supply you with exclusive, diet-friendly refreshments your staff with love. Enjoy better-looking machines, better customer service, and better-for-you snacks and drinks. 

Exclusive Health Choices Program

Choose popular products from our select “Prestige Healthy Choices” program to supply your staff with food and drink options that taste great, while keeping them healthy. 

High Quality, High Variety

Offer better-for-you and diet-friendly products to boost morale and productivity. We’re constantly expanding our healthy selection to give you everything you need to support your team.

Secure Technology & Transactions

Your secure Prestige healthy vending machines come with sleek touchscreens, positive vends sensing, and flexible payment options including cash, credit and touchless NFC.

Prompt Service & Care

Keep  your machines filled, clean and working smoothly.  Access the transactional data we track for full accountability, convenient reporting, timely service, and a curated inventory. 

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Interested in upgrading your office space with better coffee, refreshments, and more? We can get you ready to go in just a few days. Let’s refresh your staff and help them focus on getting the job done.

These new machines are great! 

– Marco DiLenoardo

Interested in Upgrading to a Healthy Vending Experience?

Stay ahead of the curve in wellness program innovation with us. Let’s fuel your team the right way!