Healthy Vending Machines: Are They a Good Investment for Your Office?

Many offices are installing vending machines with healthy food and drink options, but is the cost worth it? If all your employees leave the office to get food, will a healthy vending machine make a difference? Yes! Healthy vending machines are a wise investment in a myriad of ways. Read about how a vending machine filled with healthy snacks and drinks can help your office run more smoothly and be financially beneficial.

Low Overhead Costs

Grab-and-go markets in office spaces are a wonderful way to keep employees happy and healthy. However, refrigerators, checkout machines, and the other equipment associated with these markets can be expensive, especially for offices with tight budgets. But vending machines have low overhead costs.

The budget needed to run a vending machine is a fraction of what you need for a cafeteria, market, or concession stand. Modern machines are more energy-efficient, so they can be available 24/7 without running up the utility bill.

Easy Installation, Maintenance, and Management

Vending machines require very little maintenance and can often be installed in your office quickly once you schedule the appointment. If you partner with a vending company, they will handle the maintenance and management for you, ensuring the machine is always well-stocked and in good condition.

If you have employees who are unsatisfied with the office food and drink options, a vending machine is one of the fastest ways to remedy the problem, making it a wise investment that yields almost immediate results!

Increased Employee Productivity

It’s amazing how much employee productivity can increase when you install a vending machine filled with healthy drinks and snacks. When employees must leave the building or wait in line at the office cafeteria, it means more time away from their desks and more time being distracted from work.

And it’s not just about being away from their desk; it’s about the effort they must put in to get healthy food on their break. If they have a one-hour lunch break and must go across the street to buy healthy food, much of their break time is eaten up by venturing outside the office, waiting in line, paying, and returning to their office.

After all this, they may only have 20-30 minutes to relax and enjoy their food. The more time employees have to unwind on their break and refresh their brains and mood, the better they will perform when they head back to their desks.

In addition, healthy food can help people focus better than unhealthy food. Snacks and drinks that offer vitamins and nutrients can help reduce brain fog, improving performance, focus, and memory. The increased productivity alone makes healthy vending machines a sensational investment for any office.

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Giving your team access to convenient, healthy food and drink options will increase office morale and employee satisfaction. Employees will be more likely to eat in the office breakroom, where they can chat and connect with coworkers, building a stronger foundation for a productive team.

Vending machines offer better flexibility for workers, too, as they can quickly and conveniently grab a snack or drink whenever they get hungry or thirsty. If employees have to wait for their lunch break to sate their hunger, they’ll be crankier and less productive until they can fulfill their needs. Giving workers this flexibility will make the office a more comfortable place for everyone.

Higher employee satisfaction can also attract top talent in the industry. Happy employees will speak positively about the company and will often be noticeably more comfortable and content at work. When you recruit new talent to the team, they will see this and be more likely to join the office. If you build a positive atmosphere and reputation, quality talent may even find its way to you!

Fewer Employee Sick Days

Employees can better nourish their bodies when they have access to healthy food and drink options. Employees who eat unhealthy food are more likely to get sick because their immune system is less supported.

Vending machines with healthy food promote wellness in the workplace, leading to healthier employees who take fewer sick days and can better fight off illnesses that may circulate around the office.

More Lucrative Than Unhealthy Machines

While your goal may not be making substantial money off your vending machine, it’s still possible. Vending machines can be an easy way to increase the office budget slightly, as employees will buy food at work instead of elsewhere. Healthy vending machines tend to be more lucrative than unhealthy machines as the general population shifts toward a healthy mentality.

Studies show that Americans are eating healthier and more conscientiously, so many people may avoid vending machines packed with candy, potato chips, and cookies. Vending machines with healthy options are more likely to attract health-conscious employees, making the office a bit more money.

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