How Healthy Food Choices Affect Productivity in the Office

Looking for new or improved ways of increasing productivity in the office? Consider opting for healthier food choices.

We all have experienced times when we feel sluggish and unmotivated despite all our efforts. Even when you look for a quick fix and try to combat your low energy with something sugary, you might still be left running on empty.

Eating unhealthy foods has been linked to a 66% increased risk of loss of productivity. If the goal is to boost your team’s performance, you might want to reconsider filling your micro markets or vending machines with tempting, sugary options that will counteract your efforts.

Benefits Of Healthy Food Choices

Better Mood

Fueling up with fresh, healthier options is proven to promote a more engaged body and mind. When team members are feeling good, they are more inclined to produce better work as well as collaborate and interact with their peers.

An increase in productivity is a direct result of the positive work environment and culture that is fostered through healthier food choices.

Improved Memory

Depending on the time of year, businesses can be very busy. Meetings, deadlines, keeping track of all accumulating project work – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

Eating foods with high levels of the following nutrients has proven to help maintain memory and concentration:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

When the mind is nurtured with a quality diet, your team will be better suited to take on any task or deadline that comes their way.

More Time Spent In-Office

Giving your employees healthier, tastier food choices in the comfort of their workplace encourages them to enjoy what’s readily available instead of ordering delivery or pick-up.

Studies have also shown that a healthier, well-rounded diet can influence and boost an individual’s immune system. Having fewer sick days means more of your employees’ time is spent in the office, contributing to work tasks and projects.

At Prestige Services, we care deeply about helping our clients support their employees’ overall well-being. We offer an expansive selection of high-quality, fresh food options to ensure your team is placed on the fast track to health, happiness, and success.

To further promote healthier choices, you could provide daily, weekly, or monthly subsidies. You could also offer your team discounts on healthier items or make healthy eating programs a part of your office culture.

Want to know how to upgrade your food offerings? Talk to your Prestige Services expert today.