Custom Corporate Cafeterias & Attended Markets

Provide true 24/7 service and convenience for your staff and visitors with an office cafeteria or attended market.

Why Prestige Attended Markets?

Your Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Corporate Cafes & Cafeterias

The future of corporate cafeterias is upon us. Attended markets provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional office cafeterias and cafe lounges. With flexible staffing solutions, 24/7 self-service options and fresh mean packages, attended markets provide the perfect solution for staff returning to the office.  Depending on your available space and technology package, we work together to customize an attended market solution that fits your unique needs. As the number one attended market and corporate cafeteria provider, let us help you take your corporate cafe to the next level!

Convenience & Quality

Attended market solutions bring convenience and quality products to your corporate office. Our expansive selection of high-quality food and beverage options include a made-to-order deli station, panini grill, two-soup kettle, cold brew kegerator, coolers, snack shelves and so much more. We guarantee that products are stocked consistent to ensure an organized and efficient office dining and lounge experience. 

Flexible Staffing & Scheduling

With an attended market, you have the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds. Exception customer service comes in the form of daily on-site attendants that can assist your staff with ordering and in the check process during peak hours. During off-hours, self-service checkout using our modern technology allows for a fast and efficient office cafeteria experience. Modernize your workplace with a multi-functional attended market. 

Secure Technology & Transactions

Attended market solutions allow your staff the flexibility to choose from a variety of transaction options such as cash, credit, contactless or mobile order-ahead pickup with tracking. Attended and self-service options use secure technology to guarantee a confidential and encrypted transaction process. Market cards are also available for employee to troubleshoot any issues. 

Easy Order & Maintenance

Whether you choose to indulge in on-location food and beverage options or order out locally, our attended market solutions work for everyone. Employee can conveniently place custom order from local food establishments and use our pick-up/drop-off stations with ease. For catering events that require breakfast platters, coffee, or other food options, on-site attendants are available to assist in the process. 

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I’m consistently impressed by the product and ethic that Prestige serves with. Not only do they prioritize fresh products, and friendly customer interaction, but they are also incredibly generous with local community initiatives. 

– joshua Sardella

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