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Why Prestige Business & office Coffee Services?

Boost Morale & Generate New Levels of Productivity

Enhance your office coffee with our expansive line of gourmet coffees, teas, flavor splashes and much more. Our business coffee services include the installation and maintenance of top-quality equipment such as commercial coffee makers, automatic coffee machines, and cold brews on tap to ensure your team can cater to their caffeine kick during any time of the day. Let’s get brewing!

Customized coffee services

The next generation of coffee service is upon us. Your team can now enjoy freshly brewed bean-to-cup coffee from the comfort of their office. Energizing your team with premium coffee options has never been so easy. Customize your perfect brew with three strengths and a variety of whole beans and milk powder options. Our commercial coffee machines operate with remote monitoring and management for ease of use.

POD Coffee Program

The POD coffee program is an option within our coffee services that is growing in popularity for convenience, ease of use, and overall coffee quality. If you do not have the space for a commercial coffee machine, look no further than our high-quality coffee pods that still deliver that same great taste. Prestige Paper Pods are compostable, eco-friendly, and perfect for a single-serve coffee. 

Cold Brew & Craft Tea

Working together with our local partner, Atomic Coffee Roasters, we are able to bring you the highest quality of cold brew, nitro cold brew, and craft teas. Our coffee services aim to provide you with a selection of great tasting flavors so you can fuel your team with the energy they need.

Flavor Splashes & Supplies

Add a variety to your office coffee cart with or complete collection of flavor splashes, edible straws, and much more. Our mission is to ensure you have everything you need readily available for a pleasant and convenient coffee service experience. Whether you need milk, sugar, stir sticks, or eco-friendly paper goods, we are here to help.

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I’m consistently impressed by the product and ethic that Prestige serves with. Not only do they prioritize fresh products, and friendly customer interaction, but they are also incredibly generous with local community initiatives. 

– Joshua Sardella

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