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Helping you welcome your workforce back to the office in style

Recognized as a leading modern refreshment and food service company, Prestige Services collaborates with you to transform your corporate cafeteria into a streamlined, elevated experience. Working together, we will make your office space more inviting and enjoyable for your employees. The health and well-being of your staff is important to us. Offering top brands and delicious, better-for-you options, we provide health alternatives and fresh food choice to support your staff’s wellness.

Our goal as a transformative food service provider is to enable you to offer your employees attentive customer service, premium products, and the latest retailer technology to allow for a world-class working environment. Corporate snacks and refreshment options have never looked so good. 

Micro Markets

As a premium food service company, we proudly operate and install micro markets in an array of industry settings from manufacturing, distribution centers, higher education, healthcare, and more. Our state-of-the-art micro markets offer hundreds of convenient, high-quality corporate snacks, drinks and fresh foods. Customize your micro market to suit your workplace needs and to keep your staff motivated and efficient, even on their breaks. 

Office Coffee Services

We make it easy to revolutionize your office refreshment center with our expansive line of gourmet coffees and teas. Now offering our latest innovation, Bean to Cup Brewing, you are guaranteed freshly brewed office coffee services 24/7. We are happy to provide your office refreshment station with the necessary supplies such as creamers, sweeteners, paper goods, cups and stir sticks. Fuel your team and let us be your one-stop shop for all your coffee and refreshment needs.

Vending Services

Let us help you elevate your vending machine experience. Utilizing the latest technological advances in vending equipment such as touchscreens, positive vends sensing and cashless payment systems, we can introduce your staff to a streamlined vending experience. Customize services with your team’s favorite high-quality, healthy snacks and beverages. Using the most dependable, efficient, and modern vending equipment on the market, you are guaranteed to deliver an exceptional vending experience to both staff and visitors. 

Office Water Services

Refresh the body, mind, and boost you staff’s productivity with our on-site water filtration services. Our stylist and innovative equipment is designed to match all contemporary decor and styles. Upgrade your office refreshment station with an economical solution that supplies your team with hot or cold water, on demand. Enjoy bottle-less purification and filtration water coolers that save time, eliminate bottle waste, and easily connect to your local water supply. 

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Interested in upgrading your office space with better coffee, refreshments, and more? We can get you ready to go in just a few days. Let’s refresh your staff and help them focus on getting the job done.

I’m consistently impressed by the product and ethic that Prestige serves with. Not only do they prioritize fresh products, and friendly customer interaction, but they are also incredibly generous with local community initiatives. 

– Joshua Sardella

Interested in Upgrading your office space with better coffee, refreshments & more?

We can get you ready to go in just a few days. Let’s refresh your staff and help them focus on getting the job done!