How to Modernize Your Office Breakroom

A few simple upgrades can transform your office breakroom into a welcoming, relaxing, energy-boosting space for your team. Learn how to modernize your office breakroom to help cultivate community, build loyalty, improve morale, and boost productivity.

Customize Your Layout With A Micro Market

When did you last refresh your counters, cabinetry, and machinery? It might be time to add some customizations to give your breakroom new life. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Go for a sleek and modern look in grey, matte black, or white
  • Add some class with custom woodwork
  • Match your branded color scheme

You might want customization to fit your current layout, or you could be looking for a total refresh. Your Prestige experts can help you achieve whatever you need.

Use The Latest Technology

The equipment you get from Prestige isn’t just better looking. It’s also the most technologically advanced machinery available!

Whether you’re just upgrading to better vending or office coffee, getting the full benefits of an attended market, or anywhere in between, here are some technological advantages we offer:

  • Environmentally efficient LED lighting
  • Touchless kiosks through phone apps
  • Always-fresh drinks, snacks, and meals
  • Secure cash, card, or contactless payment options

Using the latest technology is a small but significant way to modernize your office breakroom and make it more convenient and appealing for your employees and office guests.

Add Features Your Team Will Love

Expand your breakroom offerings or scale our services to match your needs. We have plenty of choices so you can select the right options for you.

Let’s look at your office coffee service options as an example:

  • Smaller teams can upgrade with an eco-friendly alternative to single-serving coffee pods.
  • Office with hot coffee services can add cold brew to offer more options without paying double for an additional service. Instead, your overall coffee consumption will even out as the cold brew drinkers switch to cold brew and the hot coffee drinkers stay with hot coffee.
  • If you have a large team, go for a full-scale coffee solution. Bring the coffee bar to your breakroom with bean-to-cup machines to flavor splashes, toppings, and more.

Seasonal offerings are also a great way to support your employees. For example:

  • Upgrading your hot coffee is great when it’s cold outside.
  • Adding healthy snacks, water coolers, and water filtration systems can help you support New Year’s resolutions.
  • Subsidizing market spending or providing free vend can be an excellent reward for performance or a start-of-year gift and morale booster.

There is always some way you can modernize your breakroom and improve employee retention, productivity, and more. Let us help you choose the right services and customizations for your company size and service preferences.

Want to learn more about upgrading your office breakroom? Talk to your Prestige experts today.