The Best Places to Put Vending Machines In Your Business

Setting up a vending machine in your business can be highly profitable. But knowing where to put your machines to optimize traffic and revenue is key. Keep reading to learn everything about choosing the best locations for vending machines.

What to Consider When Choosing Vending Machine Locations

Consider the factors mentioned below to find the most suitable vending machine locations for your business. Though a location may seem great at first sight, there may be several underlying issues. For example, a place with high traffic may seem perfect, but if the crime rates are also high, it may not be a wise place to put your vending machine.

Read this article to understand these considerations better.


Traffic should be one of your top considerations when assessing different locations. Without decent foot traffic, your vending machine will not be effective or lucrative. There are two types of traffic to be aware of — indirect and direct.

Direct traffic includes people who frequent the location consistently. A typical example would be a building lobby that office employees pass through daily. Indirect traffic may not consist of many regulars but still contains potential customers.

For example, placing your vending machine in the lobby or your building will likely mean it sees more indirect traffic while placing machines on specific floors will take advantage of more direct traffic.


The more secure your location, the safer your machines will be. Setting up your machines in a risky area may result in theft and vandalism. Indoor vending machines are typically safer than outdoor ones, but outdoor spots can be profitable depending on placement.

Restricting hours of operation and using cages to protect the machines can help keep them safe in more dangerous areas, but those are additional costs. Consider the security risks of each location on your property.


While security is important, accessibility is equally important. If your machines are tucked away from sight or inaccessible, they will not make as much money. For example, placing a vending machine on the second floor of a school will likely make it safer than putting it in the outdoor courtyard, but it won’t get as much traffic.

It’s important to balance security with accessibility to keep your machines safe while reaching customers.

Best Locations for Vending Machines

To help you find the ideal location for your vending machine, consider some of the best types of places for vending services below!


One of the best places to set up a vending machine is in a lobby, as many people will pass through. Hotel lobbies, apartment building lobbies, hospital lobbies, and office lobbies are all brilliant places for machines.


If your property has a break or snack room, consider putting your vending machine here. Those who did not bring a snack or lunch will likely turn to the vending machines for food and drink.


Courtyards and other outdoor spaces are one of the riskier places you can put your vending machine. However, these outdoor areas often have substantial foot traffic that can lead to wonderful profits. If you choose to put your vending machine in a courtyard, park, or parking lot, make sure you set up security features.

Reception Desk or Waiting Area

Doctor’s offices, spas, and many other places often feature a reception desk, and people frequently have to wait near this desk for their appointments. Having a vending machine near a reception desk or in a waiting area is a great way to take advantage of people’s boredom. Bored people are more likely to opt for a snack to keep themselves busy while they wait.


Hallways are perfect for vending machines because there is usually nothing else in the area, like chairs or tables, so there is plenty of space for your vending machine!

Entryways and Exits

Even if your entryways and exits aren’t lobbies and seem rather desolate, a vending machine can still be profitable here. If someone is in a hurry leaving a hotel or an apartment complex they may grab a quick snack to tide them over. And the same goes for people entering your business.

Line and Queue Areas

Similar to reception desks and waiting areas, people often get bored and antsy when waiting in line. Think about how there are rows of candy and other treats at the checkout line in the grocery store. The same concept applies here! People waiting in line may see the machines and grab a snack to pass the time as the line moves.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Select locations for your vending machines carefully, and assess them from all angles before committing. Contact us to discuss adding a vending machine to your business and where an appropriate spot would be!