Upgrade Your In-Office Vending Machine Solution with Prestige

Upgrade Your In-office Vending Machine Solution

If you’ve got an old vending machine sitting in the corner of the office collecting dust, it’s time to consider an upgrade. New machines come with a ton of perks and can even boost employees’ morale. Learn more about how Prestige Services makes upgrading your in-office vending machine solution easy.

Why Upgrade?

Technology has advanced in many ways, so it’s no surprise that vending machines have as well. People no longer need to scrounge for change to get a bag of chips. Plus, maintenance and getting support from Prestige has never been easier. Some improvements in vending machine technology include:

  • More variety – Today, you can choose from a variety of snacks, including healthy ones. Instead of regular potato chips, let us stock your machine with fresh options, fat- or sugar-free options, and healthier snacks like protein bars and granola bars. Learn more about healthy vending options here.
  • Tap and pay – Cash was a must-have back in the day, but today’s vending machines can accept credit cards and tap pay. So, even if someone doesn’t have a stash of quarters or dollar bills, they can quickly get a snack with a credit card or the tap of their smart phone.
  • Energy-efficient – Most people don’t think about the fact that vending machines are plugged in and running all the time. New models are more energy efficient, a big bonus compared to energy-sucking older versions. You may even see a slight dip in your electricity bill when you upgrade to a new machine.
  • Low Maintenance – New vending machines require less maintenance. And as you may have experienced, it’s inconvenient when an old machine eats people’s money. With new machines, you’ll get fewer breakdowns and fewer requests for refunds. Plus, a machine that runs smoothly means more sales.
  • Better service – Did you know that agents are available online to chat with you and help with vending machine issues? If you prefer talking on the phone, you can call us to speak to a service representative. Getting your machine serviced has never been simpler.

Everyone Likes Convenient Snacks

Whether you are upgrading a vending machine for your employees or customers, giving people easy access to snacks throughout the day can boost company morale and customer service.

  • Boost morale – Providing employees with an upgraded vending machine full of snacks they enjoy shows that you care. Happy employees are productive employees, and a modern, convenient vending machine can help pave the way to a more positive office environment.
  • Increase productivity –A vending machine that provides various options means people don’t need to leave the office for a snack. Instead, they can refuel during the day, chat with their coworkers around a granola bar, and get back to work. Like a water cooler, a modern vending machine can create an environment that spawns great ideas and team bonding experiences.
  • A nice touch – Having a vending machine available for customers who are waiting or visiting is a nice perk. If someone skipped lunch because they brought their car in for service at your shop, a vending machine with healthy options could make their day. A hotel with a vending machine gives hungry, late-night guests food options when restaurants and stores are closed.

Low Maintenance

Keeping vending machines stocked these days is easy and requires practically no extra effort. Prestige Services has a remote monitoring system that triggers itself for service based on both historical sales forecasts and current inventory levels. So, if your consumption is high for one month, you won’t have to worry about running out of snacks!

Choose What Works For You

A typical vending machine is less than four feet wide (around 35 – 39 inches), meaning Prestige Services can set you up with several machines, such as one for drinks and a couple for snacks. We also offer space-efficient machines that dispense both sodas and snacks, eliminating the need for separate machines. This is a good choice for low-volume locations, such as small offices or startup companies. Prestige also owns and operates a commissary for fresh foods and top brands of vending machines.

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