A Better, Customized Vending Experience

Vending Case Study: A Better, Customized Vending Experience

The Challenge

We partnered with a new client whose office was facing several issues:

  • Overequipped with more vending machines than necessary
  • Limited product lines due to branded Coke and Pepsi machines
  • Overstocked with options their employees didn’t want
  • Cafeteria shut down due to pandemic, leaving limited in-office refreshments

They needed a solution that could be accomplished quickly and cover all their needs.

The Solution

We changed out our client’s brand-specific equipment for our own, better, glass-front machines. To help with their shut-down cafeteria, we also redid their breakrooms with new machinery that included microwaveable food options beyond traditional vending snacks and drinks. At Prestige, we purchase and own all of the equipment we provide to clients. This means all our vending machines are sleek, advanced, and unbranded, giving our clients more flexibility and variety in product options. Leveraging our advanced technology improves our service quality and enables dynamic scheduling for on-time deliveries exactly when clients need it, every time.

The Results

Since Prestige vending machines are more technologically advanced, our client enjoyed several benefits as a result of this upgrade:

  • Customized live inventory reporting
  • Equipped with the right number of machines filled with products people want
  • More employees actually using the machines, even with less equipment and reduced office attendance

With better technology and personalized, timely service, our client now has happier employees, more efficient breaks, and a stronger work community than ever.