Vending Machines and Vending Services

Boost employee morale and productivity with office vending services. Provide a variety of snacks and refreshments in sleek, modern, energy-efficient machines.

Good For Workplaces That:

  • Have a breakroom or welcome area where people can enjoy a break or boost
  • Want to improve in-office morale and encourage employees to work on-site
  • Are looking for ways to provide perks, incentives, and rewards for staff
  • Want to support employee wellness goals

Make a great impression on clients, employees, and all welcomed visitors on-site with the most reliable, efficient, and stylish modern vending equipment available.

We’ll install and maintain top-quality equipment to ensure your team gets the pick-me-up they need any time of the day. Let’s get vending.

Remote Inventory Monitoring

Curate your vending machines with your staff’s favorite drinks and snacks. Our dynamic inventory tracking system lets us monitor product levels and schedule a next-day restock automatically when supplies run low so you always have the goods you need.

Vending Machine Repairs

Your Prestige experts offer superior vending services complete with setup, maintenance, and more. We’ll make sure your machines are filled, clean, and in good condition, and can even monitor machine malfunctions remotely so you’re always running smoothly.

Secure Technology & Transactions

Enjoy the latest technological advances in vending machine equipment. All Prestige vending machines come with modern features like touchscreens, LED lighting, positive vends sensing, vending machine card readers, and cashless tap-to-pay systems.

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Enjoy a quick, easy, and cost-effective managed office vending solution that will help cultivate a more content and productive workforce.

Healthy Vending Services

Stock your machines with more than popular snacks and staple refreshments. Get ahead of the curve in wellness program innovation with our exclusive “Prestige Healthy Choices” program.

We regularly seek out and evaluate new healthy vending products that people love. Support employee health and wellbeing with lower calorie, fat, or sodium options to enjoy.


Unlock new opportunities with the 365 PicoCooler, a secure vending solution using modern cooler technology. Provide customers with instant, controlled access to items in stock so you can:

  • Stock a variety of fresh, cold food and beverages
  • Add a snack rack for even more refreshment options
  • Reduce theft when placed in semi-public or unmonitored areas
  • Provide easy self-checkout with a variety of payment options

365 PicoCoolers are perfect for convenience stores, gyms, universities, airports, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

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Interested in upgrading your office space with better coffee, refreshments, and more? We can get you ready to go in just a few days. Let’s refresh your staff and help them focus on getting the job done.