How to Bring Employees Back to Work After COVID

How to Bring Employees Back to Work After COVID

How to Bring Employees Back to Work After COVID

Transitioning back to work after COVID can be difficult, but Prestige Services is here to help you with a better experience to incentivize your workers to return to the office.

Let us help you reward employees, support employee goals and company initiatives, and improve office morale to bring people back to the workplace.

Reward employees who are returning to the office after COVID

You most likely haven’t spent your typical budget on company parties, holidays, catered lunches, and more. Why not put that budget to work on a better solution?

Reward in-office attendance by upgrading your breakroom to improve the area where people commonly socialize and take breaks. For example:

  • Install a micro market or vending machines. Micro markets offer more flexible product options and financial control.
  • Fund employee micro market cards to encourage the use of the micro market.
  • Offer free vend for employees to access snacks and drinks anytime.
  • Provide short-term or full-time promotions or subsidies for various products.

Your updated, upgraded breakroom will be a great place for your workers to bond, relax, and fuel up for a smooth and productive return to the office.

Bring employees back by supporting their goals and improving morale

Let us help you customize promotions to match your initiatives or employee goals. For example:

  • Subsidize caffeinated beverages to encourage employees to get their fuel on in the office.
  • Promote snacks and meals to incentivize staying in the workplace during breaks.
  • Discount healthy items, such as sparkling water, to match wellness initiatives.
    Fund your employees’ micro market cards based on in-office attendance.

You can also give out rewards or bonus micro market funds based on specific events, such as:

  • Welcoming new employees
  • Rewarding high performance
  • Celebrating birthdays or work anniversaries

These small perks come with priceless benefits, such as better office morale, a boost in employer-employee relationships, more productivity, and higher in-office attendance.

Make a difference by transitioning back to work the Prestige way

Pursuing these solutions on your own can be expensive and complicated. Partner with Prestige for help with setup, product selection, and much more. Enjoy technological advances, including best-in-class machinery, multiple payment options, and live inventory reporting.

Our equipment and product selection are unparalleled, but even better, we are committed to providing the best service possible at all times. When you choose Prestige, you choose quality.

Interested in upgrading your breakroom to make transitioning back to work easy? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us anytime for a custom solution that works for you.

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