3 Things You Should Add to Your Coffee Services

Most offices only offer basic coffee services that don’t always provide the energy booster and great flavor people want. If you want to improve employee retention, productivity, and morale, here are three things you should add to your office coffee services.

Add office cold brew to provide options for everyone

Get set up fast with specialty cold brew from our local partner, Atomic Coffee Roasters.

Having both cold brew and hot coffee options in your office doesn’t double your per annum spend. Instead, we’ll help you achieve a balance and make your employees happy by matching their preferences year-round.

Talk to your Prestige experts about getting cold brew set up with everything you need, including recyclable kegs, high-quality kegerators, and ice machines.

Upgrade your coffee with bean-to-cup machines

Experience the latest innovation in bean-to-cup coffee brewing. With the Cafection Total 1 coffee kiosk, you’ll get the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee every time!

Customize your coffee with 3 cup sizes, 3 brew strengths, a new iced coffee option, an adjustable gram throw, and a wide selection of flavors. The Cafection Total 1 is also equipped with a whipper to froth your beverage, and it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable!

Ask us about our flavor options or schedule your setup today.

Provide flavor splashes to personalize every cup

At Prestige, you can get more than just coffee. Flavor splashes will help you personalize every cup:

  • Pump flavor add-ins
  • Milk and alternatives, including oat and almond milk
  • Nuts, cinnamon, creamers, and other toppings
  • Sweeteners like sugar, Stevia, and honey

You’ll also have access to gourmet teas, hot chocolate, and supplies like wooden stir sticks and eco-friendly paper goods. Contact us for a full list of all the options available through Prestige.

Benefits of upgrading your office coffee services

Many companies don’t realize they can have limitless options for upgrading their office break rooms through Prestige. But these upgrades add so much more:

  • Boost employee retention. These little quality-of-life benefits make a big difference when it comes to making your team happy.
  • Increase team productivity. When you don’t have to leave the office to find a place to take a break or fuel up, you save valuable time and effort.
  • Build morale and company culture. Supply a great place for your staff to relax, energize, and create a sense of community.

Let us be your one-stop-shop for everything your office needs: coffee, pantry, corporate catering, water supplies, high-quality equipment, and more. Our buying power allows us to simplify your services through our immense inventory and options.

It doesn’t take multiple invoices and office visits to upgrade your office coffee services and breakroom. All it takes is one call to your experts at Prestige.

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